Our Services

From basic RV Repair to customizations, we are your one stop shop for all your needs! We have over 10 years of providing superior support, repair, and services in the automobile service industry. We provide the following services insurance repairs, full custom paint jobs, fiberglass/body repairs, windshield replacements, electrical and structural repairs, frame damage, and generator repairs. In addition to any changes, we also have the trained professionals to make any RV your dream RV! With a huge selection of conversions including interior, bathrooms, and even entertainment areas. Call today for your free estimate at 863-216-1234.

RV Mobile Services

Not every RV business has a mobile department. This is what gives us the edge over any other RV company in Lakeland or the Central Florida area. We will come right to where you live and fix your RV for you.

RV Roof Repair Services

We recommend annual check ups on preventative maintenance on the roof. We can either offer a re-seal option on your RV roof, or we can install a brand new rubber roof.

RV Wood Repair Services

Don't like the style of your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms? With over 10 years of wood work experience, we are confident that our team of experts will design, and rebuild your RV just the way you visioned.

RV Generator Repair

Do you use your RV for seasonal activities? Does your generator have startup problems? Let our quality RV mechanics diagnose and fix your mechanical issues with a peace of mind.

Replacement Parts

Getting those hard to find parts can be challenging. Let our experienced team of experts get you quality parts for your top quality service. Our parts include generators, air conditioners, RV awnings, lighting, and other RV accessories.

Extended Warranty

Even if you have an extended warranty with another company we can handle negotations to fix and repair your warrnaty. Call us today, and let our team of experts communicate with your warranty company.

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